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Shatter The Darkness

My dad has always been a huge influence in my life. Not just that, he also has been my biggest supporter, leader and role model. I hadn’t realized it until I started my own company that he really set the example of what hard-work looks like. 


I’ve had this dream to be an entrepreneur my whole life. I mean, I drew up a Christmas cookie catalog with colored pencils and printer paper during free time in 7th grade and then went around to all of my teachers getting orders for dozens of cookies so that I would have money to buy Christmas presents for my family and friends. (Shoutout to my mom for taking me grocery shopping and helping me fulfill all of those orders.) What I will always remember about this story from 7th grade, is that I wasn’t trying to “get rich”. I saw such an incredible spirit of generosity from my dad and I just wanted to have a little extra money of my own to buy gifts for the people I loved too.


Those principles have translated into a much greater desire to help others. This month I am beginning a partnership with my dad’s ministry, Shatter The Darkness. 


*Trigger warning, content is about to get a little heavy. 


There are so many different facets to what my dad does, I often don’t know what to tell people when they ask. When I was little, I compared him to Walker Texas Ranger. As I got older, my friends and I would say he was a ghost-buster because of the work he does involving supernatural activity. At the end of the day, I’d have to say my dad is a superhero. His heart is and has always been to help others however he can. It isn’t a glamorous job, like some people may think when they hear the term “superhero”. He began to record podcasts in an empty basement of a duplex we had to live in due to financial strains over 15 years ago. A basement, with one small folding table, one chair and a computer. Podcasting hadn’t really hit its prime yet, but my dad knew it was how he would eventually help people all around the world. 


Currently, my dad is working on cases involving human trafficking and sexual assault. The reality of human trafficking is terrifying. I constantly see/hear stories of women and children being taken, even from their own local grocery stores. From a young age, I learned to be aware of my surroundings at all times. When I was born, there were even threats of kidknapping and worse because of the people my dad exposed. A few years ago, I tried sensor my knowledge of these incidents. I didn’t want to be afraid, so I would pretend things like that didn’t exist. I’d turn off the news, ask my dad to stop telling me stories of cases he was working on. Fear tried to suppress me. My empathic heart and anxious mind couldn’t take it.


Fast forward to 2016. My baby girl was born and the world suddenlty looked different. I wasn’t as afraid anymore. My mothering instincts took over and I understood why my dad taught me to memorize license plates and take pictures of anything even slightly suspicious. Looking at my baby girl, I knew that I would do anything to protect her. And my passion for helping and protecting others came rushing back too. Now, more than ever, I want to help raise awareness and support to bring both healing and empowerment to victims of human trafficking and assault.


A portion of our revenues each month will go to support Shatter The Darkness. 

You can also donate directly at


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