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What are Bow Babes?

A BB is a stylish babe who loves the versatility and unique design of our bows and wraps. But BBs don’t just love style- they love others. They live a life that displays loyalty and kindness. BBs are confident, open-minded, generous and brave.
We stand up, speak out, don’t give up. 
We are strong in so many ways.
We are a revolution.


What do BBs do?

Bow Babes represent the brand’s product and vision. BBs take creative photos in our bows to post on social media. They are actively encouraging and building others up in their community. 


Bow Babe D I S C O U N T S

+ 50% OFF your first purchase

+ exclusive discount code for additional purchases

+ family & friends code to share with posts

+ FREE Birthday Bow


BBs also get early access to new arrivals, exclusive event pricing (more to come on that) and tons of other goodies along the way!


Sign me up!

Anyone can be a Bow Babe!

Start by creating a profile in our online store and then send an email to to get all the details! Please make sure you include the following information in your email: 

1. Name

2. Age

3. City/State

4. Instagram Handle

5. Why you want to be a Bow Babe?


-Charity + Eisley



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