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What are Bow Babes?

A BB is a stylish babe who loves the versatility and unique design of our bows and wraps. But BBs don’t just love style- they love others. They live a life that displays loyalty and kindness. BBs are confident, open-minded, generous and brave.
We stand up, speak out, don’t give up. 
We are strong in so many ways.

We are NOT a clique or a “club”.

We are a revolution.


What do BBs do?

Bow Babes represent the brand’s product and vision. BBs take creative photos in our bows to post and share on social media. They are actively encouraging and building others up by commenting, sharing and liking posts. BBs aren’t just a face to the brand, they are the passion and spirit behind wanting to create a positive and safe environment in social media.

How long does it last?

Our BB search happens every 6 weeks. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave when those 6 weeks are up! Once you join our private Facebook group to connect with other BBs you can stay as long as you’d like! 

Who can be a BB?

Our Bow Babes search is open to all ages and ethnicities. Follower count/social media presence does not affect our decision in adding BBs. We look for anyone who is relevant to our brand and mission. While we are currently open only to the US, we plan to expand to other countries very soon.


Bow Babe D I S C O U N T S

+ exclusive discount code for personal purchases

+ family & friends code to share with posts

+ shop credit

BBs also get early access to new arrivals and tons of other goodies along the way!


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can catch us in our DMs or send through email to 


Charity & Eisley


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